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Roots Sign Former MLS SuperDraft Pick Akeem Ward

By Roots SC, 01/13/21, 9:45AM PST


Akeem Ward

Life is about the Moments 
By Akeem Ward


To Oakland:
Life is made up of moments, and when these moments come together they create a story. When I think about my life, there have been higher highs and lower lows as Edreece our CMO would say.
Nothing good in life ever comes free, and I’ve had to earn everything each step of the way. Facing adversity has developed my strong mentality and ability to adapt. My greatest hardships in life have been overcoming numerous injuries. From breaking my collar bone, to breaking my foot, and worst of all shattering my ankle and requiring surgery. These all have made me realize that the simple things in life like walking, being able to put your shirt on in the morning, and getting your own food without assistance, are all easy to take for granted. It’s overcoming hardships like this that keeps me grounded and helps me enjoy the little things in life. In any moment the things I love most could be taken away from me. On a bigger scale life itself could be taken away so why not enjoy it? 
Through football I’m able to create joy for myself and others. I hope I can bring that to you all. Can’t wait to be a part of the 510. Let’s write a story worth telling. 


- Akeem


Ward was selected 14th overall by D.C. United in the 2019 MLS SuperDraft where he would feature mostly for Loudon United, the Club’s USL Championship team. Ward would go on to play for Birmingham Legion in 2019 and for North Carolina FC in 2020.