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Oakland Roots SC Launch Roots Artist Residency (R.A.R) Program in Collaboration with Sko Habibi

By Roots SC, 10/29/20, 9:50AM PDT




Oakland Roots along with Bay Area artist Jasko Begovic (Sko Habibi) have launched the Roots Residency Program for Oakland/Bay Area artists to collaborate with Oakland Roots. The first of these collaborations is the HumanE.T. collection by Bosnian born artist Sko Habibi who has been living in the Bay Area for more than 20 years. The Artist residency program will be open for submissions for all types of local artists to pitch ideas to the Oakland Roots team. 

“HumanE.T.” is a collaboration with Sko Habibi dedicated to the marginalized, oppressed, outcasts, and underdogs. This film, and collection is about reclaiming our power. The collection will be available in exclusive retail locations and drop dates will be shared in the near future. 


HUMANE.T. Lookbook


“This collection tells the story of a people realizing that their time is now, rising up, and claiming what is theirs. They are able to go from oppression and fear to peace and freedom once they go back to their roots, work together, creatively express themselves, and push past their fears. It is inspired by my experiences during the war in Bosnia and my personal journey to becoming a refugee and artist, and how soccer was an integral part of my transformation” said Sko Habibi. “This collection is meant to inspire us all to seek out the best in ourselves and create the world we want to live in and pass down to future generations. The ultimate metaphor is taking off our masks and accepting ourselves.”

If you are an artist with an idea or project that you would like to collaborate on with the Oakland Roots, submissions are open to anyone. Please click the link below to apply to be the Roots’ next artist in residence.